Eleven: What happened?

Originally, at the end of the last post I had written this:

“But to tie this back to the beginning, in order to (try to) hold myself accountable, I'm posting this so I don't let whoever is reading this down... unless they think that being an alcoholic is cool in which case don't bother coming back.

So my limit is 3... which is going to be a challenge since I just found out our friends are coming over to play darts.”

... but then I deleted it. Because I didn't want to set myself up for failure, because it's okay to fail a few times but not repeatedly... but even this is what I tell myself over and over when I drink, thus, not really changing anything aside from the amount I do drink.

REVEALED is a series aimed to expose the truth that we often hide or are too embarrassed to share. Here I will write about my journey through anxiety, depression, self esteem and body image issues through a series of ongoing short stories based on real life occurences. Why do I share these intimate details with you? Because this... this is my therapy.