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5 Things To Consider When Trying A Juice Cleanse

Morgan ClementsComment
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So I decided to try a juice cleanse. Here's how it went...

Basically, it didn't.

Every year around September the design team where I work, myself included, heads into the busiest three month stretch of the year as we prepare for the production of our annual magazine.

Sure, you think it's no big deal and you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle while writing about the latest wedding trends until 2am on a Friday. You tell yourself, "I'll just make sure I prepare all my meals ahead of time". Oh, no. Hell no.

After three years of producing said magazine, one where we pulled a 35-hour stretch and submitted the final page just in the nick of time, I should know better.

There is no way I am able to come home after back-to-back 12 hour days, weekends included, and cook. Let alone function on any basic human level (at this point I'd like to say thank you to my husband for putting up with my zombie-like hotness and apologize to my friends who don't hate me after all my blunt and bitchy replies to their "wanna get together?" text messages).

But that aside, for some reason I thought it would be a great time to try a juice cleanse. So, if you're considering trying one too, here are my top 5 suggestions:

1. Make Time For It

After my rant above this should be a no-brainer. These things take time. And I mean longer-than-it-takes-to-heat-up-some-KD type time, or whatever delicious meals you typically cook for yourself.

I thought that since I have to feed myself anyways, I could just prep these juices/meals instead and it would pretty much balance out. Well, I was forgetting one thing - that I was currently surviving on a fast food diet where other people are making the food because I didn't have time to do so. So that should have been an obvious "hey maybe you should do this another time" red flag. But seriously, make sure you have no other commitments and that you clear your schedule. There can be no fun had, you must make juice.

2. Don't Buy Everything You Need At Once

I thought I'd save myself some time and buy everything on the shopping list for the cleanse I was trying (it's called Reboot with Joe for those who are interested). I loved that they included a complete shopping list, so, without reading the recipes first, I went and bought everything I supposedly needed for the first five days. I will always remember the look on my husband's face as I continually filled our cart with ingredients such as 5 bunches of chard, 35 apples, 8 cucumbers and about 18 bunches of kale just to name a few.

What I later found out, was that the portions were MASSIVE. I couldn't possibly consume everything I was supposed to in one day - which is great compared to some cleanses I've tried where you're practically starving. But the result was that a lot of my ingredients went bad before I could eat them. So my advice here is to purchase only what you need for a few days at a time, not five.

3. If You Don't Like Something On The List, Don't Buy It

Just because everything is laid out for you of exactly what you have to eat on which days, it doesn't mean you actually have to eat it. I ended up buying ingredients I've never, ever enjoyed just because I thought I had to stick to it verbatim. I'm not suggesting to supplement your meals with a Big Mac, but if you don't like something, then choose another meal from the plan and eat/drink that instead. Otherwise, those ingredients will just go to waste no matter how much your fear factor brain thinks you can handle it... Says the mushrooms still sitting in my fridge.

4. Buddy Up

So you want to do a cleanse? Convince a friend to do it with you. They always say the buddy system works great and it does. Especially when it's something challenging or involves eating something you don't particularly enjoy, at least you are doing it together. Plus, as long as they are as (or more) motivated than you, they will help keep you accountable.

5. Make Sure You Really, Really Want To Do This

Commitment, people. This shit takes 100% full-time commitment. Of which I lost after about 3 out of the 15 days. For multiple reasons - one being that I was still insanely busy when I thought I might have some downtime. But mostly for the fact that I didn't want it bad enough. Did I want to feel healthy again? Sure. But I couldn't commit to it at the time. Plus, day 3, a Saturday, was extra difficult since it was my first weekend off in a while. So yes, you could say I'd rather be sipping wine with friends than some celery-rutabaga-carrot-cabbage combination. And if you thought that sounded delicious then leave me a comment below because you're now my buddy for the next time I decide to try this.

So there you have it, my experience with a juice cleanse was utterly non-existent. But what I did learn from only a few days will come in valuable the next time I decide to take on the juicing challenge. And I hope it will for you, too.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? If so, which one? What was your experience like? Leave me your comments below!

- xomo

Feeling Inspired 02 : Make A Move

Morgan ClementsComment

I was looking for a quote to use on Instagram earlier today and as I was scrolling through literally hundreds of quotes on Pinterest, I came to a halt as soon as I read this because something just clicked. That a-ha moment if you will.

We always dream, who doesn't? And since college I've always known what I wanted to do, but it's only been in recent years that I've figured out exactly what I want to do. And since then I've dreamt up ambitious plans with the intention that one day, they will happen. But when will that day come? Will I wake up "one day" and start living a new life? Hell no. You gotta make that happen for yourself.

But now, the realization that there's a chance that day may not happen because one day I might run out of days has propelled me even faster into the jet engine of okay-morgan-it's-time-to-actually-do-something-about-this-and-get-this-show-on-the-road type of motivation. It's time. It has to be.

So, because I know things can't happen instantly, I've given myself a one year deadline. A one year deadline to have all the pieces together and a well fueled machine running. What kind of machine you ask? Well that my friends, you'll just have to wait to find out...

- xomo

Feeling Inspired 01 : The Beauty Of A Clear Mind + The Blog, Resurrected

Morgan ClementsComment

You know those moments where you read or hear something and it just clicks? Those moments where something makes absolute perfect sense and you have no idea how you didn't see it before? So yeah...that just happened.

For some reason this quote by my BFF's favourite artist, Hans Hofmann, really struck a chord with me. And not just any chord, but one I've been longing to hear for a while.

Every time we go away for a longer-than-a-long-weekend vacay, we find something that we didn't even know we had lost - clarity. A clear mind. A clear vision of ourselves, who we want to be, and a clear vision of our goals for the future. One of those goals being to resurrect this blog that I had started years ago, but couldn't keep up because I didn't have time for it. (#icallbullshit - Have you SEEN how to lose a guy in 10 days?!) But the need for a space where I could be my unfiltered self has become even more apparent in recent years. So, voila. Here it is.

Goal numero duo? Be a better friend, daughter, sister, wife and person. It's so easy to become distracted with work, or take on too much that we wind up sacrificing the very things that matter most - family, friends and our own personal well being. (Guilty, on all counts.) But when you're away from the desk, the emails, the text messages (but not Instagram), along comes a re-realization of what really matters in life which is to live it.

A friend once told me "you work to be able to do what you love", and even if you love what you do, you're still working towards something. For us, that's traveling. But for right now, it's time to start living simpler and ditch all the unnecessary things that we fill our schedules with so that we have time for the necessary. Props, Hans. Mad props.

Aside from a clear mind and renewed spirits, we came home from our honeymoon with tons of stories that will eventually show up on the blog once I can organize about 5000 images, memories (#obviously) and a few extra pounds that I just couldn't leave behind (inevitable when the only thing you HAVE to do is eat).

But the most important thing we came home with? The idea that we need to do whatever it takes to make more time for family, friends and ourselves so we don't miss out on this necessary thing called life.

- xomo