From behind the curtain...

Most of those who know me think I'm a kind, funny, (loud) extrovert who has every ounce of confidence in herself... What you don't know is that I'm self conscious, anxiety-driven and completely insecure.

How's that for an introduction?

This kind of subject matter isn't generally discussed publicly, if ever, and it sure as hell won't come up as you're sitting around the break room with your colleagues on Monday morning... "yeah, my weekend was alright... on Saturday I was feeling insecure so I ate a tub of ice cream, then on Sunday I couldn't get out of bed".

For some of us these internal struggles are always there, lurking behind a dimly lit curtain... and there we are standing behind it watching life walk right by.

Everyday we have three choices... we can stay home and avoid going out, we can put on a mask and walk with the crowd or, we can take down the curtain and let ourselves be seen...

I'm Morgan, and I'm ripping that bloody curtain down.

This is my story... revealed.

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