Four: To share or not to share

Today was the first day in months that I wrote on, let alone even looked at, my blog... Specifically this part of it. 

To this day I haven't shared everything you just read because I was afraid of what people might think of me professionally. 

I had this conversation with a friend of mine who saw my point and told me that I had to make a choice... Keep the "real" stuff behind closed doors or get it all out and own it. 

So while this has been the behind-the-scenes of my life for many years, I've continued to contain it because I didn't know what to do...

But it's not working... containing it I mean. It feels so right to talk about the struggles that so many of us face and if anyone were to judge me I probably wouldn't want to be friends with them anyways.

So this is me. All of me... the good, the bad, and the ugly (great movie by the way).

But seriously, this is reality... why should it remain hidden?

We lose so many to these internal struggles and it hurts. Bad. So if by speaking out like this I can help even just one person, that would be a dream come true.

It's not a joke, our mental health. This shit is real, and, for me, writing about it helps. 

REVEALED is a series aimed to expose the truth that we often hide or are too afraid to share. Here I write about my journey through anxiety, depression, addiction, self esteem and body image issues in a series of ongoing short stories based on my real life experiences. Why do I share this? Because I'm not alone in these feelings and it's important for others to know they're not alone either. There is a way out.