A preview of our trip to Thailand and Cambodia

I've siphoned through 4,000+ images to curate a mini-preview of the various places we visited and the adventures that ensued on our Thailand and Cambodia vacation just a short, few weeks ago... Okay, more like a month ago.

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China was our stopover on our way to Thailand. We were only there for a couple of hours and didn't have time to leave the airport, but it was an exciting experience nonetheless.


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok was better than we had hoped and we made the most of our two days there. We went to muay thai fights and go go bars and sipped our first of many Thai beers, all the while attempting to acclimatize with the culture.



We regret not spending more time in Cambodia... it was the shortest part of our trip aside from the stopover in Guangzhou and our one night in Phuket. We try to visit different countries when we travel in hopes to see as many as we can, but Cambodia is a country we will definitely come back to.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is what we're calling the hipster capital of Thailand. Located in the northern part of the country and surrounded by distant yet humble mountains, the city thrived on its artsy hipster night market culture.


Phuket, Thailand

Finally, a beach. We only stayed in Phuket for one night because it was the 'stopover' part of our journey - we were on our way to Koh Yao Yai which is an island in the south from Chiang Mai in the north. And, as fate would have it (we don't often get good luck so this comes as no surprise), the hotel we stayed in turned out to be the best on this trip... For one night.


Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

I was looking forward to this part the most because I expected it to be quiet, secluded and romantic... it was. The villages were small, the surroundings were gorgeous and everyone was incredibly nice... unless you wear too few clothes into 7-11 to buy beer ice cream... did I mention it's a Muslim island?


Ao Nang, Thailand

We knew Ao Nang would be a busy, populated tourist spot and it definitely was, but it didn't feel overcrowded like it easily could have. What I mean by that is you didn't have to stand in line for hours at every point of purchase... you could order food quick, get on a boat within ten minutes and haggle for a successful bargain at a moderate pace.

Yes, those are wooden penises...


As I'm writing this I'm conjuring up so many stories not hinted at here. I'll try to keep the coming posts to the point and within reasonable length, but I'm not making any promises... so, expect some long reads ahead

- xomo