Designer. Writer. Traveller.

Nice to Meet You, I'm Morgan.

But you can call me Mo. I'm a designer, writer and traveller, but how can you possibly communicate who you are by means of a few measly words? There's always so much more to the story. So here's mine - the short version.

A graphic designer by trade, I've just made the decision to quit my reliable, steady-paying job for something a little less... comfortable. Yep, five years in and I've decided to take the leap into running a local design business. Goodbye nine-to-five and hello nine-to-forever. Goodbye steady pay and hello hustling to get paid. Goodbye security blanket and hello new opportunities... As nerve-racking as it sounds, I couldn't be more excited.

I believe there is something exhilarating about being uncomfortable. It forces you to change and in this analogy, change equals growth.

Whether you love what you do or not, we are all working towards something. It could be anything - scrap-booking, raising kids, playing soccer, vegging out in front of the television or simply spending time with friends and family - we work to be able to do those things. For my husband and I, we work to travel.

With 26 countries between us and counting, it's our thing. It's the reason we're not producing spawn.

The launch of this blog marks the beginning of a new chapter. I appreciate you taking the time to follow along as I venture through this unpredictable, but always exciting life.

- xomo

Interested in hearing the long version? Well then let's meet up for a coffee... or two.