Designer. Writer. Traveler.

Hello, I'm Morgan.
Designer, Writer, Traveler.

Creating this site was a work in progress. And a very slow one at that. I originally started back in 2010 when my now-husband and I moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta from Toronto, Ontario. It was a fresh new chapter for us and I wanted to get back into something I hadn't done in a long time - writing.

Then, the usual happened. Life got busy with work, traveling, planning our wedding and I didn't have time to keep it up. But these last few years, I've been itching to resurrect the blog as a place where I could share design projects, write without editing and publish my travel stories no matter how embarrassing (photo galleries still to come!).

As a designer, I work for a wedding company where I'm the creative director of their annual magazine. I also freelance with clients from all walks of life. I own a custom wedding stationery studio where I love chatting with couples about their wedding details, and I'll even help with planning if they need it. But what I love the most is the reaction I get when they see their invitations for the first time. You can check out more of that work here.

As a writer, it's been something I've always done and it comes naturally. From writing stories as a kid, to copywriting for clients to blogging about random life events, it's always been my favourite form of self expression. My mind can't contain all my thoughts and it's constantly racing with ideas, so you could say writing is somewhat therapeutic as well!

As a traveler, I'm determined to visit as many places as I can before I die. It's interesting to me to learn about different cultures and what life is like in other countries. I have an obsession with communication and one of the most interesting things I find when traveling is the various languages you hear. As well as the landscapes, food and everything else of course! Between us, my husband and I have traveled to 23 different countries with hopefully many more to go.

The re-launch of this blog marks the beginning of a new chapter, and I appreciate you taking the time to follow along as I venture through this unpredictable but always exciting life.

- xomo